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To be an independent, competent and eminent centre offering services to promote creation of a cadre of professional excellence in the cooperative credit structure.



  • To coordinate training efforts made by various cooperative training institutes in the field of banking business and delivery of other financial services
  • To evolve uniform standards for training and curricula in cooperative training institutions for country wide replication with appropriate situation specific flexibilities
  • To coordinate and leverage the efforts of various national and state level cooperative training institutions by way of accreditation
  • To instill professional competence amongst staff and management of credit cooperatives and trainers of accredited training institutions through certification


The Centre deals mainly with the following :

  • Certification of Training institutions involved in delivery of training in banking business and other financial services under the fold of CCS by way of “Accreditation” to ensure minimum standards
  • Arrange “Specialised Training” of senior level functionaries in the CCS at national level institutes to ensure quality of specific skill specialization training courses where conduct of training can not be delegated to state or lower level institutes
  • Designing of standardised and need based training modules, preparation of training materials and study kits with scope for refinements based on local conditions, etc. to achieve “Standardisation” of training
  • Certification of professional competencies of Trainers / Cooperative Bank staff & officials / board members of CCS by way of “Examination and Certification”
  • Performing Resource Centre Activities like studies, research, TNAs, cooperative conventions / seminars, publications, etc. essential for maintaining a cadre of professional excellence in cooperatives