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The success of C-PEC lies in its participatory development, ownership and acceptance of its basic aims and objectives by all stakeholders and user organizations, viz., CCS partners (StCBs, DCCBs, PACS, all training institutions including VAMNICOM, RICEMs, ICMs and ACSTIs), their apex bodies (NCCT and NAFSCOB, etc.) and supervisory bodies (RBI and NABARD). To achieve this Key Result Area, concept of membership of C-PEC” was introduced. A token amount has been designated as a ‘life membership’ fee to lend out a sense of ownership amongst all CCS stakeholders.

Why Membership:

C-PEC is an institution established for supporting, promoting, coordinating the capacity building efforts and inculcating professionalism in staff and management of CCS, which otherwise is the responsibility of CCS institutions themselves. Accordingly, C-PEC and its expansion have to be accepted and owned by all credit cooperatives, CCS stakeholders and well-wishers. Following the principle as prevalent in the cooperative parlance, concept of membership was introduced. The benefits of C-PEC membership are as follows:

Benefits of Membership with C-PEC

I) Benefits to Institutional Members
  • Rating/Accreditation of Institutions: Cooperative Training Institutions (CTIs), under State Cooperative Banks/National Council for Cooperative Training (NCCCT)/State Cooperative Federations/Unions/ Private Sector Organizations imparting training in cooperative sectors, are rated and evaluated for their performance in a Third Party mode subject to the fulfilment of minimum standards set under accreditation parameters of C-PEC. Such accreditation would enhance the Public image of the institutions. Certification of Accreditation shall be open to member Institutions only.
  • Members CTIs shall have access to the standardized & certified training course design & materials of C-PEC for programmes to be conducted by them for the staff and management of Cooperative Credit Structure (CCS). This would ensure quality training delivery at the CTIs.
  • Only Accredited CTIs are eligible for assistance from NABARD under SOFTCOB policy assistance guidelines.
  • SOFTCOB Assistance is given to CTIs: Eligible Training Institutions for SOFTCOB assistance are CTIs owned/ promoted by StCBs and SCARDBs, other CTIs, VAMNICOM, RICMs, and ICMs (NCCT-fold institutions), SAHARDA, BIDAR, NIRB Bengaluru, any Other Institutions approved by Institutional Development Department, NABARD, Head Office, Mumbai for conducting exclusive programmes for the staff and management of Credit Cooperatives only.
  • Assistance from NABARD and / or other donor agencies may be linked to C- PEC ratings / approvals.
II) Benefits to Individual Members
  • Life-Time Validity :
    • Staff /employees of institutions (which are already member of C-PEC) may avail Individual Membership by paying one time membership fee of Rs.500/- plus applicable GST (Rs. 90.00). Such individual members are entitled to enjoy life-time membership of C-PEC.
    • Staff /employees of institutions (which are not yet members of C-PEC) may also become Individual Members under ‘Open Category’ by paying one time membership of Rs.5, 000/- plus applicable GST (Rs.900.00). Such members are also entitled to enjoy life-time membership of C-PEC.
  • Access to C-PEC Resources: The members are eligible for accessing quarterly published e-newsletter of C-PEC. Members are also entitled to access to other training related standardized programmes and material.
  • Invitation for participation in various events: Members may be invited to National/International Conference/Seminar organized by C-PEC.
  • Certificate Courses :
    • Only those Individuals who have obtained the membership of C-PEC are eligible to apply for 04 Certificate Courses run by C-PEC viz. Certified Trainer for Financial Cooperatives (CTFC), Certified PACS Secretary (CPS), Certified Professional in Cooperative Banking (CBCP)-Level-I, Certified Professional in Cooperative Banking (CPCB)-Level-II run by C-PEC as per the eligibility required for the courses.
    • Members are also eligible for Specialized Training of Trainers (ToTs) programmes meant for Trainers of Cooperative Training Institutes (CTIs).
  • Financial Incentives: Government of Madhya Pradesh, Odisha & Sangli DCCB have already introduced financial incentive to the staff /employees on passing CPCB Level-I & II certification courses. Similarly, Government of Andhra Pradesh has given non-financial benefits to the employees on passing CPCB Level-I & II certification courses.

Membership Fee Category of C-PEC Pre-GST & Post-GST @18%

Fees+ GST @18%
Total Membership Fees Payable
Training Institutes in Cooperative Sectors
25,000 + GST @18%
Training Institutes in Other Sectors
2,00,000 + GST @18%
Banking Institutions in Cooperative Sectors (Cooperative Banks and RRBs)
1,00,000 + GST @18%
Other Institutions in Rural Credit (MFIs/NGOs/RCS Office/Coop. Dept. /Marketing Federation etc.)
2,00,000 + GST @18%
All Other Banking Institutions
10,00,000 + GST @18%
Apex/Regional Level Functional Co-operative Societies
50,000 + GST @18%
PACS/LAMPS/MPCS/Primary Functional Co-operative Societies
500 + GST @18%
Open candidates
5000 + GST @18 %
All Staff/employee and Member of StCBs/ PACS / DCCBs
500 + GST @18%